Supachet Bhumakarn

“My name is Supachet Bhumakarn, and I was born in Bangkok on February 23, 1978. I studied at the College of Fine Art in Bangkok and later at the Faculty of Fine Art in Chiang Mai University from where I graduated.

Supachet Bhumakarn

Supachet Bhumakarn © Supachet Bhumakarn

“My artworks are mostly inspired by elephants. When I was an undergraduate student at Chiang Mai University, the elephant only represented a symbol of Thailand. But my perspective through the elephant totally changed when I visited an Elephant Camp.

“I can vividly remember the first time I touched the giant mammoth. Its skin was rough, and it was so huge while its eyes were so small. I felt a bit nervous by its size for a while, until a trumpeting elephant calf came to play with me. I then felt gradually impressed and
inspired by its friendly and witty nature.

Acrylic on canvas, 'Lotus'

Acrylic on canvas, ‘Lotus’ © Supachet Bhumakarn

“This convinced me to examine further their way of life. I went to the camp regularly and had the opportunity to learn more about them. I have since been fascinated by the contradiction of their physical appearance and their characteristics and behaviors. Although they are enormous in size, most of them are gentle, friendly and kind.

“If one looks at my paintings briefly, one may think that I just illustrate the
story of animals. Actually, the meanings are much more complicated and
personal. I express my feelings and imagination through them and through
nature. The elephant in my work is a symbol of warmth and kindness. The bird is
a symbol of freedom. A flying elephant and falling leaves are symbols of an
independent mind. It is like when sitting in front of the frame, I really feel
like being free and independent.

Acrylic on canvas, 'Magical Forest'

Acrylic on canvas, ‘Magical Forest’ © Supachet Bhumakarn

“My latest artwork has been larger in scale and more elaborate in composition. It could be seen as poetic visual language, similar to literary work. It could be seen as beautiful and warm children’s story-telling, which stem from my imagination and fantasy. It could lead the viewer to drift into the world of dream, ultimately bringing happiness and joy
to all of us.

Acrylic on canvas, 'Blue Dream'

Acrylic on canvas, ‘Blue Dream’ © Supachet Bhumakarn

“I’d like to thank my parents who believe that I’ve chosen the right path for my life. I’d like to thank my loving partner and many friends for their good advice, support and friendship. Last but not least, I’d like to thank the audience who are interested by my artwork.”

Between 1996 and 2009, Mr. Supachet Bhumakarn has exhibited his artworks 17
times in Thailand and oversees. He received the following 2 awards:

- Year 1997: Thai Farmers Bank Special Award in the 14th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists.

- Year 1996: Second Award in Gilt Lacquer at College of Fine Art, Bangkok.

Supachet Bhumakarn at work

Supachet Bhumakarn at work © Supachet Bhumakarn

Browse Supachet’s paintings.

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