Sirada Chongsukwarakul

“My name is Sirada Chongsukwarakul and my nickname is Koy. I was born on the 12th of July 1975 in Chiang Mai. I grew up in a loving family with one brother and one sister. I am
married with Chanon Amorntatpong and we have a wonderful young daughter named Pearwa.

Sirada Chongsukwarakul

Sirada Chongsukwarakul © Ezistock

“I graduated with a bachelor’s degree, English major, from Srinakharinwirot University. After graduation, I worked as a secretary in a company located in Bangkok. Life was good but I had a passion for flower arrangements and jewelry making. I also missed home.
So I decided to resign from my job and come back to Chiang Mai where I set up a small
jewelry business.

Peridot and carnelian flower choker, 'Floral Trio'

Peridot and carnelian flower choker, ‘Floral Trio’ © Ezistock

“I draw inspiration from nature, beautiful flowers and craft my jewelry accordingly. I use
various gemstones and materials, which I shape like flowers, dragonflies, butterflies and various natural elements. I select the colors based on the emotions, moods and feelings reflecting seasons and seasonal changes. Chiang Mai has greatly influenced the work I have done. It is difficult to explain it in words, but living in Chiang Mai with my family and working in a field I love makes me very happy.”

Sirada's necklaces

Sirada’s necklaces © Ezistock

Browse Sirada’s jewelry.

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