Northern Thai Ceramics – Sankampaeng – Shaw Collection

Sankampaeng Kendi

Sankampaeng - Kendi, spout broken. © John Shaw

‘In 1942, when travelling through the forest near Sankampaeng, I came across fragments of glazed potteries.’ So wrote Kraisri Nimmanahaeminda. Eighty-three small kilns were subsequently discovered.

Sankampaeng Kiln

Sankampaeng - Kiln at the Wat Chiangsaen site. © John Shaw

Many rather poor celadon wares were produced; on jars, the small handles were pierced through the body and the dishes were fired lip to lip and base to base.

Sankampaeng Jar

Sankampaeng - Jar with filter. © John Shaw

Most of the wares were not of good quality although some fine underglaze black decorated dishes and spectacular large dual glaze jars have been found.

Sankampaeng Jar

Sankampaeng - Jar, glaze deteriorated. © John Shaw

Sherds of Sankampaeng wares are found at habitation sites throughout the north of Thailand but they are not known to have been exported. Hundreds, if not thousands of dishes were found at the Tak Hilltop Burial Sites.

Sankampaeng Dish

Sankampaeng - Dish. © John Shaw

Sankampaeng ceramics were probably produced between 1350 and 1550, as was the majority of all Thai ceramics.

Sankampaeng Jar

Sankampaeng - Jar. © John Shaw

Underglaze black

The twin fish motif is the best known Sankampaeng design, but many other vegetal patterns were used.

Sankampaeng Dish Sherd

Sankampaeng - Dish sherd, kiln waster. © John Shaw

Brown and unglazed

These rustic, roughly glazed wares were probably made for the domestic use of nearby villagers and the potters themselves.

Sankampaeng Pot

Sankampaeng - Pot, mouth broken. © John Shaw

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