Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“My name is Nawapoomin Chaichompoo but everyone calls me by my nickname, Troy. I was born in Chiang Mai and grew up with my younger brother in a warm family environment.

Nawapoomin Chaichompoo © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Nawapoomin Chaichompoo © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“My mother and father were tailors and I learnt how to sew from them but they also encouraged my feel for art. I used to get upset rather easily in my childhood but I cannot remember why. Whenever I got angry my mother would tell me to draw or paint and I started to learn how to draw and paint from the age of around three. Painting helped me to become calm and I have loved to do it ever since.

“When it came to studying, however, I didn’t know what I could do with art so I chose to study to be a dentist. I passed the nation-wide entrance examination and got a place at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. I chose to be a dentist because I would be guaranteed a job after graduation and I didn’t want to be a doctor who has to deal with people who have serious illnesses and die.

Oil on canvas, 'Laplang 4' © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Oil on canvas, ‘Laplang 4′ © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“From graduation until the present day I have worked as a dentist but my love for art has remained strong. As a student I enjoyed plays, but I knew no-one who worked on plays. So I produced plays myself, working on stage and costume design. This led me to jewelry design and other artistic interests. Even though I am a dentist, I enjoy doing anything related to art.

“It was Ajarn Dhepsiri Sooksopha (Ajarn means teacher) who really inspired me to study art and taught me what art really is. Meeting him gave me the opportunity that helped change my life. I found out that Chiang Mai University would accept graduate students from any major to study fine art for a master’s degree, and so I entered the program and became very happy during my studies.

Oil on canvas, 'Laplang 1' © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Oil on canvas, ‘Laplang 1′ © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“I love being involved with anything to do with art and culture and Chiang Mai is a very good place for this since so many related activities and events take place here. My personal interest and the artistic and cultural environment of Chiang Mai has drawn me into becoming a play-writer and director, a movie director, a short story writer and an art and culture events organizer.

“Whenever I am doing anything related to art, it’s just like I am alone in another world. I feel free and happy. I normally spend my mornings working on my art before going to work as the dental clinic in the afternoons. At weekends I am free to work on art projects.

Oil on canvas, 'Buddha Face 2' © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Oil on canvas, ‘Buddha Face 2′ © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“My challenge in life is to become fully human. In 2012, I ordained as a monk for 1 month. During this time I studied and practiced the Dharma and I have found that the Buddha teaches the truth. I am now just like many other people who still do things that we know are not quite good for us. So many people can’t even follow the five Buddhist precepts, which are:

1. refrain from killing (respect for all life)

2. refrain from stealing (respect for other people’s property)

3. refrain from sexual misconduct (respect for our pure nature)

4. refrain from lying (respect for honesty)

5. refrain from taking intoxicants (respect for a clear mind)

“I am still not able to follow all of these five precepts but I am trying to do so. I am following the path of the Buddha’s teaching so that I can be fully human, have greater purity of mind and be more than just a person. This is the most challenging task in my life.

“The task for my entire life is to do good things at every step. I realize that what comes around goes around. Doing good things will help take our lives in a better direction and help turn serious trouble into something better. This doesn’t just mean going into the temple, practicing Dharma or donating money and things. It also means thinking good things about people, wishing them well, being happy when other people around us are happy and so forth. This is what good means for me and is what I mean by making a donation.

Mural © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Mural © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“My most remarkable memory is when I had the chance to paint the murals in a temple called Wat Thong Laplae in Uttaradit Province in 2011. I have a friend who comes from this area and there seemed to be something in me that linked me to this place. I spent half a year going back and forth between Chiang Mai and Uttaradit (about 300 kilometers) to paint the murals. I was also asked to design and draw the plan for the temple pagoda and spent one month on it. The pagoda is under construction and I am involved with the fundraising to build it.

“My principle in life is that positive efforts will bring success.

Oil on canvas, 'Laplang 3' © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Oil on canvas, ‘Laplang 3′ © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

“Being able to display my work via the internet is good; it’s like an enormous art space that connects people together well and quickly. I want to thank everyone who browses my work via I hope you enjoy it. We all have different experiences and perceptions of life so I think everyone will get something different from what I present. The inspiration I have behind all of these works also came from different times and emotions.”

Nawapoomin plans to exhibit his artwork at least once a year. Below are his exhibitions in previous years.

2012- Exhibition “Homboon – collecting good will,” Mache’re Chiangmai Art Space.

2011- Mural painting for Wat Thong Lab Lae temple, Uttaradit Province.

2010- Exhibition: “Line and color,” Fine art faculty, Chiang Mai University.

2009- “Art Thesis,”co-exhibition by fine art students, Chiang Mai University Art Hall.

2008- Exhibition: “Different but the Same,” Chiang Mai University’s Art Hall.

2002- Exhibition: “Dheva,” Chiang Mai.

Oil on canvas, 'Laplang 6' © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Oil on canvas, ‘Laplang 6′ © Nawapoomin Chaichompoo

Browse Nawapoomin’s paintings.

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