Tan Waphet

“My life is very simple. I am happy with what I do and always try my hardest to do the best I can.

Tan Waphet © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Tan Waphet © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“My name is Tan Waphet. I was born on 8th December 1971 in Phayao Province. My parents are farmers and I have one younger sister. I grew up in a small village where most of the people are farmers so I absorbed the rhythms of life in an agriculture village from my youngest days. Like many villages in Thailand, my village is surrounded by very fertile land where farmers grow rice as the main crop.

Oil on canvas, 'Sunset' © Tan Waphet

Oil on canvas, ‘Sunset’ © Tan Waphet

“When I was young, my parents would take me to the rice paddy with them. I would sit under the shade of a tree or stay inside a small hut in the corner of the paddy. I remember I loved to play with the natural things that were around us. I particularly enjoyed playing with clay as I could make any shape I liked. It could be an animal, some fruit or an insect. This may be one reason why I became attached to art though I always enjoyed drawing in my books as well.

“I am lucky that I knew what I loved from when I was very young. I loved art and have followed it since. Very fortunately, my parents were happy to support me so that I could study art and I was very lucky to be able to pass the entrance examinations to study in an art college.

Oil on canvas, 'Thai farmer 6' © Tan Waphet

Oil on canvas, ‘Thai farmer 6′ © Tan Waphet

“Since I graduated, my life has remained focused on work relating to art.

“I married in 2008 but I don’t have any children yet. If I have children one day, I am sure that I will let them follow their hearts and lead their lives in the way they choose. If they like my work and want to learn something from me, I will be happy to teach them.

Oil on canvas, 'Kwan Phayao' © Tan Waphet

Oil on canvas, ‘Kwan Phayao’ © Tan Waphet

“I live in Chiang Mai with my wife but sometimes I like to go back to my home in Phayao Province to visit my parents and relatives and observe the farmer’s way of life, the village and the natural environment around it. This is my origin and I am very happy to be a part of it and present it through my work.

“Thailand is very fertile and many people live in the country. In my opinion,the farmers who grow rice work very hard and play a vital role in feeding the population.

Oil on canvas, 'Sunset in Phayao' © Tan Waphet

Oil on canvas, ‘Sunset in Phayao’ © Tan Waphet

“I would like to thank everyone who browses my work and will be happy if it helps you appreciate the people I represent through my work.”

From 1990- 2012, Tan Waphet has co-exhibited his work more than 19 times all over Thailand. He plans to show his work at least one time per year. In 2003 he won an award for excellence in the “Thai Orchid, natural lines of art” competition at Thammasat University in Bangkok.

Oil on canvas, 'Thai farmer 2' © Tan Waphet

Oil on canvas, ‘Thai farmer 2′ © Tan Waphet

In 2007 and 2008, he got second and third prizes in the “Art under the King’s patronage” and the “Art of original Thai embroidery” in Bangkok.

Browse Tan’s paintings.

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