Phat Tangmo

 “Sawasdee kha, my name is Phat but everyone calls me Tangmo. I was born on August 8th, 1988 and grew up with my elder brother in a close and warm family. My father was a programmer in Bangkok but after working there for quite a few years he moved back to stay with us in Chiang Mai to help my mother run her jewelry shop.

Phat Tangmo © Phat Tangmo

Phat Tangmo © Phat Tangmo

“I grew up in an environment of beauty created by my mother. From my youngest days I would like to do whatever my mother was doing so I would try to follow her and make jewelry whenever I could. By the age of seven I had started creating some pieces on my own and my mother gave me a little corner in her shop to display my work. It turned out that customers liked them, giving me compliments and buying them. This was great fun for a young kid like me so I created more pieces, but what really made me happy was that I could be around my mother.

Carnelian and tiger eye necklace, 'Solar Eruption' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Carnelian and tiger eye necklace, ‘Solar Eruption’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“When I think of this I smile. I was so proud of my mother because she could make so much beautiful jewelry and sell it both locally and overseas and earn enough money to support the whole family. She would go to jewelry fairs in other countries as part of her work.

“It may have been my early involvement with jewelry work that lead me to like and focus on other creative activities such as music and singing, which seemed to fit very well with creating jewelry. At school and university I liked the arts and humanities and studied Japanese and English. I am a cheerful and talkative person so learning and speaking other languages made me happy.

Garnet earrings, 'Scarlet Elegance' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Garnet earrings, ‘Scarlet Elegance’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“After graduating from university, I helped my parents in their jewelry business for one year. I had created quite a lot of pieces and it was during this time I was able to travel to other countries with my parents when they visited trade shows. This experience of a wider world gave me confidence to pursue my future career.

Amethyst and black agate necklace, 'Lilac Song' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Amethyst and black agate necklace, ‘Lilac Song’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“My first job was as an organizer for an entertainment company but the company was not so successful so I moved to another job working for a song business. Both jobs, though similar in what was required, involved skills that were totally different from what I had studied so it was a big challenge. However, I feel happier working as a PR person in the song business and I enjoy meeting new people and dealing with events that take place in a big city like Bangkok. It’s lucky I like my work because I always do my best at things I enjoy.

Turquoise, lapis lazuli and agate bracelet, 'Blue Bouquet' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Turquoise, lapis lazuli and agate bracelet, ‘Blue Bouquet’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“Even though I no longer make Jewelry full time, I still love to do it to relax in the evenings and during weekends. The inspiration for my designs comes from my imagination and the beauty of things around me. I grew up in Chiang Mai, a city full of charm. Chiang Mai is such a center for art and culture. The beauty of its people and surrounding nature is expressed in its handicrafts and many other things.

Jade necklace, 'Green Oracle' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Jade necklace, ‘Green Oracle’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“I love playing music, dancing, dressing in local northern Thai costume and speaking the local dialect and many other things. I am so lucky to be around so many attractive elements that I can absorb, adapt and express in my jewelry designs, which change according to my emotions. Even though the pieces are never the same, I am proud of them.

“When I see someone appreciate my jewelry, I have feelings like the day I graduated, when everyone in my family gave me big smiles. I wish I could have the chance to say hello to every one of you personally and thank you for browsing my work, for your support and friendship. I hope these little pieces of jewelry reflect our art and culture with a local touch that brings you many great feelings.

Tiger eye earrings, 'Golden Lights' © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Tiger eye earrings, ‘Golden Lights’ © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“Thank you Ezistock me the opportunity to display my work and link me to you.”

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Image ‘Phat Tangmo’ by Phat Tangmo © Phat Tangmo – All Rights Reserved.
Text and other images by EZISTOCK © Ezistock Co., Ltd., 2012 – All Rights Reserved.

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