Komsan Poompanya

“I could never have come this far without my parents. They have supported me in whatever I wanted to do, encouraging me stay in the art world and never asking for anything in return.

Komsan Poompanya © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

Komsan Poompanya © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“My full name is Komsan Poompanya but people call me Boy. I was born on October 30, 1982 in a small village in Phrae province. My father worked on construction and though he doesn’t have any advanced qualifications he can read architect’s plans. I remember growing up seeing him having different kinds of building plans around him as well as interior design magazines.

“One magazine that really attracted me was Home and Garden. It had a lot of interior design pictures along with a few paintings by Thai national artists. One of the pictures that really impressed me was a painting by Monet. I would look at it again and again—I can’t really explain why, but I think that was when I really fell in love with painting.

Oil on canvas, 'Bouquet of Sunflowers' © Komsan Poompanya

Oil on canvas, ‘Bouquet of Sunflowers’ © Komsan Poompanya

“I had a sketchbook from when I was around four years old. I would draw whatever I wanted. I enjoyed doing all kinds of drawing work and clay work at school and teachers encouraged me to enter contests. I won some prizes.

“I am lucky that I was able to continue to study what I had learned to love thanks to my parents. After graduating from high school in my hometown, I moved to Chiang Mai and enrolled as an art major in the University of Technology.   I had to take care of my own expenses. I would work with friends, painting and helping out doing interior design.

Oil on canvas, 'Light at Sunset' © Komsan Poompanya

Oil on canvas, ‘Light at Sunset’ © Komsan Poompanya

“After graduation, I only wanted to continue painting. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else so I never applied for a job doing something else. Instead, I focused on developing my skill and technique.

“Looking back over the last 10 years, I can see that my work reflects the person I am.  In 2010, I became seriously ill because I was drinking too much. I realized I had created the problem myself and would have to heal myself. I used my art to see me through, going out to paint every day. When I went out to do a landscape, I would also paint some flowers. I understood that flowers cease to be beautiful when they wilt.

Oil on canvas, 'Sunflowers in a Vase' © Komsan Poompanya

Oil on canvas, ‘Sunflowers in a Vase’ © Komsan Poompanya

“I have stopped doing silly things like drinking too much and now I focus on what I can do best. I am so lucky to be in an artistic environment with so many artistic friends. I have matured and am more careful when I do things.

“I express myself and the people and world around me in color. I cannot detach myself from my work. I don’t really like to get into the deeper meaning of things but rather want to depict what can be more easily understood. I create my works in the way I want to and can do best. It doesn’t matter what people say or think for I will go ahead and express myself in the way I like best.

Oil on canvas, ‘Before Sunset’ © Komsan Poompanya

“I am happy with my work and with the people around me. I will never give up being an artist—it is my life. Thank you for browsing my work: I hope you can appreciate it.”

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