“My name is Nit-Chai-Ngewkham and I was born in January 1967.


Nit-Chai-Ngewkham © Ezistock Co., Ltd.

“After I graduated from the Rajamangala Institute of Technology in Chiang Mai, I began with paintings that focused on Thai and northern Thai cultural scenes and thought that the costumes worn in the old days were especially attractive.

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 'Lanna Erotic 3'

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, ‘Lanna Erotic 3′ © Nit-Chai-Ngewkham

“But after a while I started to get bored with it. Looking at mural paintings in temples, I noticed that invariably there would be some funny erotic scene in a small corner. I like to capture these funny scenes, copying the mural style and adapting it to my own style when I began to portray erotica around 1997.

"Daily Life" - Private Collection

“Daily Life” – Private Collection © Nit-Chai-Ngewkham

“I think that in the old days Thai artists used to be full of humor, adding such erotic little vignettes into what were supposed to have been paintings intended for religious purposes only. As a Buddhist, I thought it was funny and thought others would feel pretty much the same when they saw these things in places they were not really supposed to be.

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 'Lanna Erotic 1'

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, ‘Lanna Erotic 1′ © Nit-Chai-Ngewkham

“By adopting the Lanna style in my paintings I give local identity to my work. The tattoos on men’s bodies are typical and themselves tell many stories. As regards women, they will tend to have round faces when their long hair is tied up. When these features are depicted together, I feel my work has a nice local touch.

Various Paintings

Various Paintings – Private Collection © Nit-Chai-Ngewkham

“Some people have criticized me for creating erotic scenes, saying this kind of painting will narrow my mind and cause me to behave inappropriately, but I don’t really mind. They say other people might not like it but the fact is we cannot exclude sex from our lives and separate ourselves from it. Sex is one of the fundamentals of life, and besides, I paint what I feel like painting.

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 'Lanna Erotic 2'

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, ‘Lanna Erotic 2′ © Nit-Chai-Ngewkham

“Depending on my mood, which changes on a daily basis and seems to consist of around 10 different emotions, I also paint themes of culture and religion.”

Nit has exhibited his work all over Thailand and received awards as follow:

1987       – Award Winner:Student painting of The Lanna Group, Chiang Mai

1987       – Award Winner: Design Cards of The Wilds, Y.M.C A., Chiang Mai

1992       – Northern Custom And Culture Exhibition, Bank Of Thailand, Bangkok

1994       – Bualuang Art Exhibition of Paintings, Bangkok Bank, Bangkok

1995       – 1st Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition

1995       – Award Winner: Exhibition To Honor His Majesty The King’s 50 Years accession to the throne, Thai Farmers Bank, Bangkok

1996       – An Exhibition to honor His Majesty The King’s 50 Years Accession to the throne, Thai Farmers Bank, Bangkok

1997       – Awards Winner: card design forSongkran, Commerce Gam of Thailand

1998       – Contemporary Arts For Amazing Thailand: ChiangmaiArt Museum, Chiang Mai University.

1999       – The 4 Rd  “Northern Arts Alumni Circle” Art Exhibition, Chiang Mai

2009       – Art Exhibition: “Sawasdee: the Art and Culture of Thailand 2009” at The Frame Shop &Gallery by Cencer Fighters Art, Inc.,USA.

2010       – Art Exhibition: “Sawasdee: the Art and Culture of Thailand 2010” at Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Lafayette by Cencer Fighters Art, Inc. USA.

Browse Nit-Chai-Ngewkham’s paintings.

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