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Sirada Chongsukwarakul

“My name is Sirada Chongsukwarakul and my nickname is Koy. I was born on the 12th of July 1975 in Chiang Mai. I grew up in a loving family with one brother and one sister. I am married with Chanon … Continue reading

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Sawankolok Sisatchanalai Ceramics – Shaw Collection

Wares from the hundreds of kilns at Sisatchanalai were exported in enormous quantities to Indonesia and the Philippines. For long these wares, recovered from burial sites, were all that most people knew of Thai ceramics. The most intriguing questions about … Continue reading

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Ban Chiang Ceramics – Shaw Collection

Ban Chiang wares, from the north-east of Thailand or Esarn, were first studied in 1966. Great interest was aroused since bronze manufacture was associated with the ceramics which were dated to some 4,000 B.C. making this one of the earliest … Continue reading

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Thai Ceramics – Shaw Collection

Pots have been made in what is today Thailand since Neolithic times. Sherds dated at 6000 BC have been found in Spirit Cave near Mae Hong Son in the north, and there are other sites in the north-east and west, … Continue reading

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The Festival of Lights — Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai

“It is an aesthetic pleasure to see many krathongs with their flickering candle lights bobbing gently up and down borne along the silent and placed waters under the light of a full moon. Of course, I speak of this in … Continue reading

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